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Prior to commercial release, we invite researchers to apply for membership in the GENIUS Club. Those selected will gain early access to the GENIUS system, and be pioneers on the frontier of this revolution in genomics. If you think you can use a small, fast, accurate, low-cost sequencer, tell us about it on your GENIUS Club application. We’re excited to hear what your GENIUS can do for you.

“I believe the fundamentals and principles of GenapSys technology provide the foundation for a game-changer in the DNA sequencing space.”

Ron Davis, Director of the Stanford Genome Technology Center

Membership Privileges


Apply to gain access to one or more GENIUS systems, including software and consumables for up to 10 runs


Special discount pricing on additional consumables for continued GENIUS system use


Access to the private GENIUS Community Forum, where members can share experiences, best practices, and new ideas


Invitations to GENIUS Club events held in cities around the world


Select opportunities for collaboration and application development

"Every now and then you'll find a time in technology history where the field is overripe, where it's so ready that it just takes a little nudge and everything changes. I think we have a similar situation now about people's natural curiosity about the biological world around them."

George Church, Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School

Community Forum

Connect with GENIUS Club members around the world to share your experience and unlock the possibilities the GENIUS genome has to offer.