GenapSys was founded by Dr. Hesaam Esfandyarpour. He and his team developed several novel technologies for DNA sequencing, protein detection and detection at Stanford Genome Technology Center, prior to founding GenapSys in 2010. With a strong background in electrical engineering (MS, PhD Electrical Engineering, Stanford), Dr. Esfandyarpour was able to conceive and demonstrate a novel and far higher efficiency method for DNA Sequencing. Instead of optical-based technologies traditionally used in the industry, the GenapSys system centers around a pure electronic chip, with a simple, elegant, accurate and low cost solution.

Since incorporation, GenapSys has built a stellar multidisciplinary team and set up headquarters in Redwood City, CA. The company is backed by top institutional and private investors, and has raised nearly $110M since inception. In addition GenapSys has been awarded multiple grants from the NIH’s National Human Genome Research Institute.


Our goal is simple: Impact. We believe that the tool to read the code of DNA is the most powerful device of the 21st century, and through providing such a powerful tool in the hands of many, we can collectively change the world for the better. We will enable high resolution biology that will enhance our understanding of the molecular world around us. GenapSys is committed to a new era of genomics. We will democratize access to genetic testing for everyone. At the intersection of biology and technology, our innovation solution will revolutionize discovery and diagnostics.

Join us to digitize the world, one GENIUS at a time.